Marenas Viaedo Y Bodega

Marenas Viaedo Y Bodega - Espagne  Nessun aggiunta di SO2 su tutte le cuvée

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Tutti vini sono totalmente senza aggiunta di solfiti(NO SO2)
Maggioranza dei vini/ Cuvée senza aggiunta di SO2

Marquez Herrador     Miguel José

PAGO CERRO ENCINAS Ctra. N-331 14550 Montilla, Espagne

+34 649 688 948

+34 649 688 948


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Marenas Viñedo y Bodega is located in the Cerro Encinas place, in Montilla, province of Córdoba, geographic center of Andalusia.
The climate is Mediterranean, but with a great influence of the air that comes from the Atlantic sea, humid and saline, of continental climate.
With 3,000 hours of sun a year, the vineyard has a very fast vegetative process that makes the harvest advance with respect to other areas, being the first region to start the harvest in Spain.
We use traditional systems for all of our wine making processes, always taking into consideration our natural environment. In this way we are able to make wines which are completely natural, without any types of additives.

La vigna

The wine is made with vines planted by hand by José Miguel Márquez, exclusively, with a total of 5 hectares of vineyards, (20 years old) with slopes between 10% and 20%.
We work with a variety of indigenous grapes including Montepilas, Pedro Ximénez and Moscatel, (white), and Monastrell and Tempranillo (red) and others.
We hand harvest, and occasionally do nocturnal harvesting.
We do not use any types of chemical treatment in the vineyards or in any of our wine making processes. In addition we do not use organic matter of any kind, so as not to create any unbalance within the production of the vineyard.
We do not plow the land. We work with native grass, which is cleared and incorporated into the soil. The pruning remains are also crushed and returned to the earth as organic matter.

La vinificazione

We make natural wines since 1999, without SO2 or other additives.

Informazione consegnate dal vignaiolo

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Vizzuallizare/ nascondere la mappa

Metodo di lavoro (2013)

In vigna In cantina
Uso d'additivi altri del SO2 Non
Superficia totale dell'azienda 4 hectares Filtrazione dei vini Non
Resa media 35 hl/ha Incollggio dei vini Non
Vendemia manuale Oui Flash pastorisazione, osmosa inversa, o altra manipolazione tecnicha. Non
Uso di prodotti di sintesi Non Quantita media do SO2 aggiunta (in mg) 0
Modo di coltivazione bio Cuvées per annata 4 / 6
Certificazione Non Cuvées senza aggiunta di SO2 Toutes

Il vignaiolo ha compilato la scheda e ha certificato IN FEDE l'esatezza 08-03-2013

Analisi dei vini

Vino Cuvée Annata SO2 totale mg/lt Source
Casilla Las Flores Rouge 2018 0 Analyses
Cerro Encinas Rouge 2018 0 Analyses
La Fanega de Ruperto Rouge 2018 0 Analyses
Lavelo Rouge 2018 0 Analyses
La Fanega de Ruperto Rouge 2017 0 Analyses
Lavelo Rouge 2017 0 Analyses
Mediacapa Blanc 2017 0 Analyses
CASILLA LAS FLORES Rouge 2016 <10 Analyses
CERRO ENCINAS Rouge 2016 <10 Analyses
LA FANEGA DE RUPERTO Rouge 2016 <10 Analyses
LAVELÓ Rouge 2016 <10 Analyses
MEDIACAPA Blanc 2016 <10 Analyses
MONTEPILAS Blanc 2016 <10 Analyses
Petit Verdot Rouge 2016 1 Analyses
CASILLA LAS FLORES Rouge 2014 <1 Analyses
CERRO ENCINAS Rouge 2014 <1 Analyses
HARYS Rouge 2014 <1 Analyses
MEDIACAPA Blanc 2014 <1 Analyses
MONTEPILAS Blanc 2014 <1 Analyses
Asoleo Blanc 2013 0 Analyses
Casilla Las Flores Rouge 2013 1 Analyses
Cerro Encinas Blanc 2013 1 Analyses
Cerro Encinas Blanc 2012 2 Analyses
Cerro Encinas Rouge 2012 <1 Analyses
Dulces Rouge 2012 <1 Analyses
Pinot Noir Rouge 2012 <1 Analyses
Cerro Encinas Rouge 2011 <1 Analyses
Mas Cabal Rouge 2011 1 Analyses
Syrah Rouge 2011 0 Analyses
Moo Blanco Blanc 2010 8 Analyses
Adriana Rouge 2009 1 Analyses
Cerro Encimas Rouge 2009 Non detecte Analyses
Cerro Encinas Rouge 2008 9 Analyses
Memoria Perdida Rouge 2008 1 Analyses
Marenas Rouge 2007 6 Analyses
Vides Brava Rouge 2006 2 Analyses
Lucia Rouge 2005 12 Analyses
Alvaro Rouge 2004 5 Analyses

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